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“An impassioned mix of classical, punk, funk, jazz and pop.” -- Rolling Stone


“Lili is the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.” -- George Clinton


"The show opens and closes with sound direct from God through the amazing Lili Haydn. Her violin and her voice combined to utterly and totally mesmerize the audience. Her performance...was nothing short of  pure magic."


"Bliss-inducing original music by violinist/vocalist/composer Lili Haydn...My response was the reviewer’s equivalent of a spiritual

visitation." --L.A. Times,0,1574877.story#axzz2n7zwj9dd


"Ms Haydn approaches and reaches the ecstatic, lifting the audience literally to heights seldom experienced." ---On Stage Los Angeles


"...the incredible violinist and singer Lili Haydn literally blew away the public and can understandably be called the Lady Hendrix of the violin."


"Haydn has a voice so sublime that it is truly like the fifth string of her virtuoso violin." - Paper Magazine


"A mix of neo-psychedelic flower child and rock star virtuoso...Heifetz meet Hendrix."  -NPR Review


"Courageously intimate with her audience, Haydn lays into her violin as if it's a wild animal only she can bring to heel.  The effect is an emotional magic show...a party of sound...electronica beat, lyrical strings, ethereal voice, and words that resonate in the battered chamber of the human soul."  - L.A. Weekly


 "Lili amazed her audience...tossing her raven curls like the rock star she is...her performance was electrifying."  - Women Who Rock


QUOTES about Lili’s forthcoming CD, LiliLand from celebrated producers:


"Unique, creative, moving, bold, sonically beautiful and really fucking clever.... I love this record for its passion, craftsmanship, & honesty. I would go on this ride again & again & again..."   -Linda Perry (P!NKChristina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani)


" Lili manages to mix Kate Bush with modern influences to make a beautifully unique sound based around her amazing violin skills and soulful voice."

 ---Steve Lillywhite


"I really like the spareness of it, and the content…the strong thread of mid-60's Haight-Ashbury aggression and looseness to it all, informed by beat making grooves (with some classical influence : )).  

All the different feels, from Russian folk to Carnival to Flamenco to hiphop, and beyond.  Your voice sounds really great...dark and rich.    I also really like This Is A Moment....   Great programming and movement. Love  I Am A Man, and the way it goes into a sort of funeral/gospel song.     Tyrant was one of my faves, esp the line about not knowing the cost of freedom until you're free…great!"

-- David Kahne



What Eve Ensler had to say about Here is the Rose:



It's very early in the morning and I am listening to your beautiful

song. I am so moved

and so inspired and I thank you for your talent and huge heart.


Eve Ensler


Split At The Root 4/17/2023


New Song/Video WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM 1/31/2023

Original Soundtrack For Ginny & Georgia 1/31/2023

Strip Down, Rise Up 2/25/2021

Opium Moon New EP Release 2/25/2021

Ginny & Georgia 2/25/2021

More Love 2/25/2021

RUTH: Justice Ginsberg In Her Own Words 2/25/2021

New Album Release! 2/25/2021

Performance At Largo At The Coronet 8/6/2019

Performance At Mimosa Music Supervisor Showcase 8/6/2019

Performance To Support UNICEF 8/6/2019

Recording Opium Moon New Album! 8/6/2019

Performance At The Skirball 8/6/2019

Opium Moon Wins Grammy Award! 2/10/2019

Opium Moon @ Largo At The Coronet 2/6/2019

Composers To Watch 12/12/2018

Opium Moon Receives Grammy Nomination 12/9/2018

Driver X Soundtrack Out Now 11/30/2018

"Ain't Like It Used To Be" Premieres On BuzzBandsLA 11/26/2018

Driver X Theatrical Release 11/25/2018

Feminists: What Were They Thinking? 10/12/2018

Notorious RBG 8/30/2018

New Films Releasing Soon! 8/30/2018

Still Over The (Opium) Moon! 7/29/2018

Opium Moon In ITunes Top 10! 7/20/2018

Lili @ TEDx: The Last Serenade 7/14/2018

Opium Moon Album Out Now! 7/13/2018

"Caravan" Video Premieres On NPR Music 7/11/2018

Opium Moon To Release Debut Album 5/19/2018

Above Ground - Raising Awareness And Funds To Support Mental Health 4/16/2018

TED2018 4/14/2018

Opium Moon Performing 3/18 At Temple Israel Of Hollywood. 3/18/2018

New Film - ADJACENT 3/1/2018

Lili Haydn Nominated For Hollywood Music In Media Award! 10/26/2017

Feminists: What Were They Thinking 7/24/2017

Driver X 6/1/2017

Opium Moon 5/29/2017

The 100 5/15/2017

Tumble Leaf 5/7/2017

Zeitgeist Media Festival 12/3/2016

Mending Kids Benefit - Opening For The Bangles 11/15/2016

Dying To Know 8/27/2016

Snowpiercer 8/26/2016

Ben Hur 8/16/2016

Sacred Music For The Winter Solstice 12/22/2015

12.22.15 Sacred Music For The Winter Solstice 12/7/2015

An Evening With Lili Haydn And Friends At The Grand Annex November 6 10/2/2015

Thank You Argonaut For This Great Article! 9/22/2015

Lili Haydn Headlines The Venice Beach Festival 9/12/15 9/22/2015

New Record! 7/14/2015

Lili At Bergamot Station 7/14/2015

Lili At Venice Beach Festival 7/14/2015

Special Mother's Day Show 5/5/2015

Lili Haydn Joins Pharrell And Hans Zimmer On The Grammys 2/10/2015

Lili Joins Marianne Williamson And Sen. Bernie Sanders On March 28 2/10/2015

February 21st- Headlining The Chinese New Year Festival 2/3/2015

Happy New Year 1/4/2015

Feature For LiliLand In Boxx Magazine 1/3/2015

Oscar Contending Scores And Songs 1/3/2015

Lili Haydn's Exquisitely Brilliant New CD 10/9/2014

Headlining The Zeitgeist Media Festival 10/4/2014

The Sublime And Beautiful At The Arena Theater Oct.3-9 10/4/2014

#Stuck In Theaters October 10-16 10/4/2014

Thank You Lily Moayeri For This Deep And Soulful Article In Boxx Magazine! 10/2/2014

Lili On NPR 9/28/2014

Lili On Huffington Post 9/28/2014

New Remix On Soundcloud 9/25/2014

Lili On Fox News 9/12/2014

9.19.14 Playing For Change Day 9/3/2014

9.30.14 Record Release Party! 9/3/2014

LiliLand Out 9.16.14 On MRI/Red 8/26/2014

Artist Direct Feature With An Insight Into The Tracks On The Forthcoming Record! 7/29/2014

Thank You Nic Harcourt And KCSN 88.5 FM For Playing Sea Of Gold From My Forthcoming Record This Week! 7/19/2014

Thanks Bearly Rambling For The Beautiful Article! 6/29/2014

Here Is The Video For My Newest Single, 5/29/2014

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